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A Mobile App: Ahead of the Curve, Ahead of the Pack

For people running an e-commerce business – or any kind of business, for that matter – the primary focus would be to: moor patrons increase profits widen the berth sufficiently to take on more customers So how does an e-commerce store do this? E-commerce stores may not necessarily have a physical presence. So customers don’t accidentally stumble upon them while walking past a street. They gain recognition by word-of-mouth, advertisements, marketing efforts, and if, by chance, someone specifically looks for products they happen to [...]

Vajro Online retailers need m-commerce

Why Every Online Retailer Should Focus on M-Commerce?

We all know that the e-commerce industry is skyrocketing right now and m-commerce (Mobile Commerce) is catching up quite fast, too. We can see how big and moderate sized e-commerce companies have been putting more effort into building their m-commerce apps in the past 2 years. It is clearly evident that all these companies understand the importance of a mobile sales channel, and how it propels business ahead of competitors. In a few years’ time, there is a huge probability that m-commerce [...]

Vajro Native Apps beat Web Apps

Why Native Apps beat Web Apps?

The biggest question people ask is why waste energy and resources building different native apps? It would be a lot easier for us (app developers) if we could build one web application that all platforms could access. But as the market has whispered to us, building native is a much better thing to do for our law firm customers. And here are six reasons why native apps are better than web apps: 1) Native Apps Are Faster Web apps, like Chrome or Safari, run on a [...]

Vajro M-Commerce is about to overtake E-Commerce

Why M-Commerce is about to overtake E-Commerce?

With 190 million internet users in the country, the Indian e-commerce market pegs about $13 billion. Over the past five years online shopping in India has caught up in a big way and the growth of e-commerce ventures, like Flipkart, Myntra and Jabong (among others), outlines the immense potential of the sector. When considering the annual rate of growth which is at 41-43% – [India is expected to cross 375 million unique internet users by end of 2015 (source: IAMAI)], [...]


Why Deep-Linking is What App Marketing Needs

Mobile marketing isn’t about banner ads anymore. Whether it’s the fact that 41% of the young customers use Adblock technology, or that only 52% of the customers allow Push Messages, people are resisting the traditional billboard-style ads that were once a mainstay of conversion and ROI. The issue is more than ads simply being ignored – (providers are used to single digit click rates); it’s that customers are actively eliminating ads from their entire experience. This generation is growing tired of [...]