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Beautique witnessed a 20% uptick in their Conversion Rate using Vajro

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South Dakota, USA


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With over 6 years of experience in designing women’s apparel, Beautique has been evolving and adapting to the rapidly changing North American fashion industry. Amanda Christopherson started o in the tiniest of ways, she sold clothing out of the basement in her residence in Brandon. Wanting to spend quality time with her kids, she decided to start o her business staying at home. It would be an understatement to say that she has come a long way in her pursuit of building her own business. Beautique now has a retail storefront and a 10,000 square feet warehouse store that powers her business both online and offline.

In the space of a few months, Amanda moved from her basement to her garage to set up her growing business. It soon progressed into a 3,400 square feet warehouse, such was the scale of growth that her business had witnessed. Today, Beautique employs over 20 young women and her Facebook page has 280,000+ followers accompanied by a VIP group with over 22,000 members. The boutique now specializes in products that include outerwear, tops, shoes, and accessories. Beautique uses Vajro to power its mobile app and drive revenue.

The Challenge

Though Beautique had all the pieces in place, their potential to reach heights needed expanding across channels, Amanda realized that she had to level up her customer engagement and revenue numbers. The need to accelerate her growth rate resulted in opting for Vajro.

Amanda sensed that a mobile app would enhance the store’s customer base and improve their overall sales numbers. She learned of other major stores that were stepping their game with a mobile app, and made the decision to go mobile. But the realization and decision came with a dierent set of challenges altogether - building an app from scratch, putting in the time, eort & money into the whole process, and launching it.

The Solution

Amanda found Vajro through her boutique store peers when she was looking for mobile app developers. With Vajro, she was able to build the perfect mobile app, the way she envisioned for her boutique. Building her mobile app did not require writing a single line of code, so she got her app out in a space of just four days.

Vajro’s mobile app was the perfect solution Amanda was looking for Beautique’s business. The app brought home phenomenal returns in a span of the first few months. The increase in conversion rate and brand awareness pushed Amanda to bring the best of her work to her loyal clientele.

Making excellent use of the app and its features, Amanda was able to achieve what she started out for. With engaging and automated multimedia push notifications, smart image search and personal recommendations to customers based on their search history, Beautique was able to give its customers a whole new mobile boutique experience.

The Results

In stark comparison between her brick & mortar store sales and the mobile app sales, Amanda experienced an 83% increase in mobile sessions over a span of the first few months of app usage. The customer experience that the app offered also helped her boost the Returning Customer Rate by up to 72%.

Amanda was very happy with the numbers soon after she launched her mobile app. With the help of Vajro’s top-notch features, the store saw a phenomenal turnover with the Average Order Value shooting up by 25% and Online Conversion Rate up by 20%.

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