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How NanaMacs Boutique generated 116% more Orders via Vajro

Shiva Moorthy




Idaho, USA


Mobile App Revenue


Total Orders

About NanaMacs Boutique

NanaMacs Boutique is a family-run business based out of the beautiful tourist town called Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Named after their grandmother, whose impeccable sense of fashion inspired the store, the Shutes hope to bring you fun, fashionable, unique, trendy, flattering clothing with a modern vintage feel that is timeless!

The boutique has won numerous accolades, being ranked No. 595 on the 2018 Inc. 5000, with a Three-Year Sales Growth of 845%, and ranked No. 362 on the 2017 Inc. 5000, and No. 3 in Idaho with a Three-Year Sales Growth of 1215%. Needless to say, the store has seen phenomenal growth since its inception!


With the world turning to more online and mobile shopping trends, the Shutes realized the potential customer base and revenue it was missing out on. With Shopify stores reporting over 80% of their online traffic coming from mobile devices, the store figured out what the logical next step was at the time - a mobile app! But that wasn’t all they had in mind in terms of their goals:

  • Efficient customer engagement
  • Better shopping experience with intuitive features
  • Excellent integration support
  • Boost Conversions and Sales

The Solution

In their quest to find the perfect mobile app, the Shutes found Vajro on Shopify. Vajro’s mobile app solution comes with a simple drag-and-drop builder, and requires no line of coding whatsoever. With our expert support team by their side, they could build and launch their app in no time!

  • Better Customer Engagement

The Shutes leveraged automated and scheduled notifications that have been instrumental for the store to get their engagement game right. With rich media notifications, abandoned cart notifications, and welcome messages, they’ve been able to target and retarget their audience in a more refined manner.

  • Sophisticated Shopping Experience

Vajro comes with a wide range of plugins that Shopify stores can use to enhance their customers’ experience using the mobile app! With over 50 meticulously curated plugins that can offer smart payment options, loyalty and reward points, and so much more, the Shutes offered the best customer experience, and in turn, maximized their conversion rates!

  • Advanced Analytics

In addition to the ability to measure the regular KPIs, Vajro also enables you to analyze your Push Notifications as well, to help you understand what works best with your shoppers, and enhance your reach and engagement among your audience. With Vajro’s advanced analytics, the Shutes were able to get a clear picture of how their customers like the app!

The Results

Vajro has since become one of their most profitable revenue channels along with their Shopify Plus store. NanaMacs boutique picked the right time to get themselves a mobile app that hit all the right chords among their customers.

The app has been a tremendous success among its customers, with over 14,000 orders placed on Vajro, which contributed to the 116% increase in their total orders.

The store also reported that there’s been an incredible 6x boost in revenue over their mobile app, with the app contributing to over 88% of the store’s online conversion rates!

They also learned that almost 89% of their online traffic was contributed by mobile devices, with a solid 58% returning customer rate!

The mobile app has clearly been a huge hit with the store’s patrons! With the right gameplan, the Shutes managed to achieve every goal they set for themselves, and are gearing up for brand new milestones and challenges to take on, with Vajro right by their side!

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