Give your customers a sleek, suave and robust channel to access your store. Take a peek at an app demo.

Increase sales

Rather than waiting for someone to a) find time to b) log onto a computer to c) log into your website and then d) browse through to see what’s there(!!), let your customers be with you all the time. Push notifications, 24 hour offers and surprise sales excitements don’t need to be met with disappointment for having been known a day later when the customer opened the e-mail flier. This engagement certainly works for brick-and-mortars, too! Do you know anybody these days who doesn’t use a smart phone without internet? (If you do, it’s ok; they aren’t your customers).

vajro increase sales

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Improve consumer engagement and retention

There are so many features on your mobile app that let you engage with your customers, distract them into coming right back and thereby retain them. Not to mention the facileness in navigating through your list of products, the speed with which they can shop, and the convenience of shopping anywhere and anytime, whenever they have the time (on the bus, in the loo, on a 3-minute meeting break, although not during yoga class). As a great marketing sage once said, “Acquiring customers costs money but retaining customers makes money.”

Let your customer know you’re awesome!

Practically speaking, mobile shopping is faster, smoother and affords a seamless shopping experience on the go. On the more psychological (read: superficial but more important) side, having consumers fall in love with your virtual-store design is like offering them a happy-place to go to any time they wish. It’s the difference between buying herbal essence from the street corner shop and buying it from the store where they wrap it in scented gift paper with a sprinkle of potpourri. Except that this mobile app comes at no additional cost to your customer.

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Study demographics using analytics

The surest way to understand your customers accurately and study their purchasing patterns is by using analytics – the number of app installations, products customers like, where they clicked, what they clicked, how many folks uninstalled your app etc. We offer you Google and Flurry analytics to understand your patrons and what they want – or don’t want – from you. And with this weapon of power, all you need to do is adjust yourself for any easy sell. We bet you couldn’t have it this easy even in a physical store where you see your customers face-to-face.

Our Features


Perceptively crafted native apps

Designed to individually suit iPhone and android operating systems with a responsive user-interface and fluid manoeuvring.

Hassle-free real time updates

Eliminates the need to update the app via Play Store every time you make design or feature changes (much like websites)

All the support you need, uncharged

Free security updates and bug fixes for as long as you’re with us. You worry about what you’ll put into the app; we’ll worry about your tech stuff.

Free preview within one working day

After mulling over your options and settling on the ones that best suit your purpose, we will deliver the fully working model to you within 24 hours.

Affords a host of further add-ons

You will have more add-ons and features integrated into it than you can possibly need to empower your app without compromise.

Unlimited Push Notifications

(*spotlight here): being virtually next to your customers. We bridge that desktop-to-target-audience gap. We help keep your flock in the pen.


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Vajro is everything you need to have your own awesome mobile app.

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