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Live Web Demo

Take a look at this demo of how an app can facilitate easy access to a store, on both Android and iOS systems respectively. In this demonstration, you will be able to ‘browse’ through products, favourites, and the merchandise in the cart, as well as inspect the ‘About’ tab in the main menu.

Android Demo iOS Demo
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Kindly Note:

  • This is just a web version of our native apps, which is constructed using snapshots to enable store owners to understand app templates before they register. If you’re faced with any issues or bugs when using it on the web, you can install it from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • If you’re not able to view the template’s Web Demo properly, you could view our Android Demo or iOS Demo in a new browser tab. Demo is viewed better with Google Chrome browser.
  • Have any questions about our demo or app templates? Feel free to contact us.

So there you go! The awesomeness of having an awesome mobile app.

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