Unlimited Push Notifications

This positively beats the tardiness of e-mail and snail mail. Intimate your customers about sales, offers and new arrivals as soon as you decide to have them. Then, focus on Targeted Push Notifications for those segments that suit the specific demographics of the product.

Kickass Dashboard

Our admin panel comes with a complete list of options to modify the app (data, themes, add-ons etc.). Furthermore, the not-too-distant future will also allow the dashboard to compute analytics about the app performance, the number of installations, the usage, sales, yada yada yada..

vajro dashboard

Incredible Number of Themes

Rest assured you will be amazed at the unbelievable number of themes you can choose from to suit your brand’s styling and distinctiveness. There are themes available in multiple categories (like fashion, food delivery, grocery shopping, electronics, service commerce and so on).

Other Features


Deep Linking

Especially useful during offers and promotions by taking customers directly to featured merchandise. Bottom line: it converts more sales.


Much like bookmarking a product so they can come back for it when they have the time or resources, without having to look for it all over again and lose interest in the bargain.

In-App Analytics

Integrates the app events with Google and Flurry Analytics, so you can keep tabs on the number of app installations, products sold etc. and understand your customer better.

Embed Media & Social Timelines

This add-on lets you can embed your YouTube or Vimeo videos into the app as well your live Twitter timeline or Instagram feeds for customers to see.

QR Code Scanner

Promotions, off-line marketing, print-advertising campaigns… it has too many uses to mention. But just know that your app has the option to scan QR codes.

Built-in social media sharing

Your customer loves you. They want to shout it out to the world. We give them the microphone to let them shower their love – (read: Twitter and Facebook)

In conclusion, if you aren’t convinced yet that Vajro will make you a fabulous mobile app,
let us sway you with our demo-app for the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Let our pricing convince you

We’d like to throw in some big names and show-off with our existing clients