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MPHOnline witnesses a staggering 146% growth in mobile revenue after getting an app

71%YoY increase in total orders
19%Increase in conversion rate

How Arrow Twenty Two boosted their BFCM Conversion Rate by 50%

42%Overall Revenue
51%Total Orders

Beautique witnessed a 20% uptick in their Conversion Rate using Vajro

72%Repeat Customers
150%Mobile App Revenue

Missing Polynesia increased their Revenue by 60% after getting an app

67%Total Orders
90%Mobile App Revenue

Find out how Dakota Darling Boutique increased their overall revenue by 40% using Vajro

33%Total Orders
42%Mobile App Revenue

Palette of Threads boutique sees their revenue surge by 23% through their mobile app

24%Mobile Sessions
55%Mobile App Revenue

The Fragrance Shop Inc saw their Conversion Rate shoot up by 65% after adopting Vajro

26%Overall Revenue
22%Total Orders

How Willow Boutique multiplied Live-selling revenue by 4x using Blynk

91%Increase in Overall Revenue
95%Increase in Total Orders

How Trendy Savages 5 achieved a whopping 8.3% Conversion Rate with their app

106%Online Conversion Rate
70%Mobile App Revenue

SimplyMe Boutique generated 45% more Revenue during BFCM with their app

53%Total Orders
56%Online Conversion Rate

How NanaMacs Boutique generated 116% more Orders via Vajro

116%Total Orders
6XMobile App Revenue

Juicy Chemistry saw a 50% surge in conversions with Vajro's mobile app

73%Total Orders
66%Mobile App Revenue

The Pretty Hot Mess, LLC have doubled their Overall Revenue with their mobile app

160%Online Sessions
308%Mobile App Revenue

FreshKatch surges their Total Orders by 139% leveraging Vajro

151%Overall Revenue
139%Total Orders

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Vajro has so much to offer!
I used Vajro for a couple of months and then was enticed by another app developer to switch. After switching for under 1 month, I was ready to come back. As a boutique owner, Vajro has so much to offer and is easy as heck to use. Will be a lifelong partner with Vajro from now on. Super excited about updates and integrations to come. There should be no question in choosing Vajro!
Demichic Boutique
Keep your standards up high with Vajro
Vajro is the firm to work with if you want to keep up to high standards. The professional workflows they stick to result in exceptional quality, love the way they work, Important, they help you think with the logic of your application and they don’t blindly follow what you are saying. Which is super important. Overall, great skills, good communication, and happy with the results so far.
Trendy Savages 5
Highly recommended mobile app builder
When we shopped around for a good mobile app platform, we tried a few but Vajro rose to the top. We've used the app for over a year now, and it now brings in over 20% of our total sales. The team is very responsive, and they've helped us with some custom situations. Highly recommended.
Seamlessly integrates with Shopify
This app works better, has better capability and better tech support than the competitor I was using previously. They works MUCH faster to get everything done and developed. Lots more capability and seamlessly integrates with Shopify to update as you update your inventory. Coupon codes work with both your website and app too!
Mirabella Boutique
Unparalleled mobile commerce experience
Our Vajro experience has really been unparalleled so far. With a simple platform, our team was able to create a powerful app that perfectly matches our requirements and expectations. We must say that our users are quite happy too: they've positively reviewed our app, and given high compliments to the design. This would not be possible without the support of the Vajro platform.

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