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How Arrow Twenty Two boosted their BFCM Conversion Rate by 50%

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About Arrow Twenty Two

Based out of beautiful Logan, Utah, Arrow Twenty Two was founded by Adrienne following a lifelong dream and passion of owning her own clothing store. Arrow Twenty Two’s primary objective has always been to make women feel beautiful without having to break the bank.

Launched all the way back in 2014, the store has been voted Utah’s #1 boutique 2 years in a row owing to their prompt delivery, excellent service and huge collection.


With Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend inching closer, Adrienne had a few key goals in mind

  • Streamline the store’s engagement
  • Improve the store’s visibility during the BFCM weekend
  • Keep her audience engaged
  • Boost the store’s ROI and conversions

While most stores experience a mild slump during the BFCM weekend, Adrienne’s ultimate aim was to not lose the store’s momentum during the time period.


Adrienne’s goals seemed challenging, but she dove in with an excellent game plan, and Vajro’s expert support team right by her side. With Vajro’s advanced features and plugins, the store was able to execute their plan flawlessly and realize their objectives by the end of the festive weekend.

  • Automated Real-Time Notifications

Vajro’s automated push notifications have been critical in helping the store get the right kind of engagement and visibility during the weekend. With rich media notifications, abandoned cart notifications and so much more, Adrienne was able to optimize her engagement and recapture her audience.

  • Blynk

Adrienne sought to keep her audience engaged by evoking their impulse shopping behavior with Vajro’s very own Live Video Commerce platform, Blynk. The platform enabled her to stream her live sales on her mobile app as well as her Facebook page, which helped her reach a wider audience and improve the store’s conversion rate.

  • Plug-ins

Arrow Twenty Two offered its patrons a robust mobile app that enhanced their shopping experience with a wide range of features and plug-ins. The store’s conversion rate skyrocketed with smart payment options from Sezzle, and product reviews from, which in turn helped the store offer an enhanced shopping experience to its patrons.


Adrienne was glad to achieve her BFCM weekend goals and exceed all her expectations with Vajro. With Vajro’s enhanced features like automated push notifications and powerful Live video commerce platform, Arrow Twenty Two crushed the engagement game, and kept their audience engaged.

The store reported a 147% increase in sales over their mobile app and almost a 40% increase in the store’s online traffic.

Arrow Twenty Two also reported that with over 80% of the store’s online traffic coming from mobile devices, the total orders saw a 51% uptick and conversion rate, a 50% increase!

Adrienne was able to soar through the weekend with Vajro, and was more than pleased with the results. Vajro has taken immense pleasure in being a part of Arrow Twenty Two’s journey!

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