Choose from 70+ integrations to customize your mobile app

Let your customers buy first, pay later

Convert more casual visitors to customers by offering flexible payment options and schedules.

Reward customers for coming back

Encourage repeat purchases by integrating your loyalty program and points system with your mobile app.

Offer an intuitive search experience

Don’t force customers to jump through hoops. Enable autocomplete, offer more accurate search results, and provide seamless sorting and filtering.

Create more opportunities to buy

Send custom notifications to alert customers to about back-in-stock products, flash sales, and pre-order options.

Make smarter recommendations

Display personalized recommendations based on your customers’ browsing behavior to increase order value.

Nurture trust with authentic reviews

Improve buyer confidence through ratings and reviews from existing customers.

Lower returns with advanced size charts

Add custom tables, a fit recommender, images, videos, and more to help customers get the perfect fit every time.

Connect instantly with customers through live chat

Chat with customers in real-time to answer questions, troubleshoot, and more.

Rely on data, not your gut-feeling

Track, analyze, and optimize your store’s performance. Scale your business with advanced analytics that help you make data-backed decisions.

Find the right integrations for your Shopify store

With QuadPay, you can shop at your favorite stores and pay over four installments.
Live chat boosted with Bots and Marketing Automation
Notify customers when items are Back in Stock , Restock Alerts
Automated restock notifications for customers
Notify your customers when products are restocked: Email & SMS
Back In Stock Alerts for Out of Stock Products.
Optimize search, merchandising, personalization, smart collections, and visual discovery
Instant Search Bar, Collection Filter, Cross & Upsell
Searchspring, the #1 Ecommerce Search & Merchandising Solution
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